The City Heights E-ACT Academy uniform includes:

  • Grey blazer with red trim for boys and girls
  • Grey tie with green and red stripes
  • Grey sleeveless jumper with red trim
  • Grey trousers for boys
  • Grey trousers or pleated skirt for girls
  • A grey v-neck sleeveless shift dress with red trim, grey trousers, and a matching grey headscarf with red trim is available for female Muslim students
  • PE kit comprising of a red branded polo shirt and grey shorts/skirts/jogging bottoms.

Uniform Price List

Uniform Expectations

The uniform can be purchased locally at Wear Abouts in West Norwood (see below). The suppliers are Price and Buckland.


Ordering Uniform

Our high street stockist is:
Wear Abouts, 358 Norwood Road, West Norwood, London SE27. Tel 020 8244 7887. 
A free measuring and sizing service is offered in-store.


In response to frequently asked questions, we hope the following is helpful:

  • Shoes must be black leather (polishable) with black, grey or white stitching (no logos) and low heels.
  • PE trainers should be any appropriate trainer type shoe (no logos).
  • Tights should be grey. Socks should be grey or black.
  • Shirts should be white with a classic collar for a tie. Short or long-sleeved.
  • Students should not wear jewellery beyond a pair of plain stud earings. They should not wear nail varnish.
  • School bags must be black and not have a large logo, they must also hold A4 sized books. Year 7 students must have a City Heights School Bag.
  • Students should bring in to school each day: his/her student planner; blue/black pen; pencil; ruler; rubber. They must bring in a bag that is big enough to carry books and equipment. (see above).


Please note that the Acting Headteacher reserves the right to decide if a students uniform complies with the academy’s uniform expectations. Failure to wear the correct uniform could lead to a student being isolated and not participating in lessons until they are adhering with uniform expectations. In exceptional circumstances, students may be requested to return home to dress in correct uniform before being permitted to enter the academy.

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