Sixth form curriculum

At City Heights E-ACT Academy Sixth Form, we aim to provide both an excellent academic environment alongside a varied extra-curricular experience that will prepare you for university, careers and the world outside the academy.

We have high expectations. Independent learning is expected during study periods as well as at home. Students will have a full timetable during the academy day which includes supervised study and the Cultural Capital Programme to ensure you have a broad and balanced curriculum.

Choosing courses

When choosing courses you should primarily choose those subjects that you enjoy and that fit with your interests and aptitude. University entrance criteria may, or may not, depend on a young person having studied a particular subject or combination of subjects. We will advise students on the options process at the beginning of Year 11, but it is also worth doing some early homework if you have clear ideas about what you would like to study. For example medicine, architecture and engineering are examples of courses that do have requirements for particular A Levels. It is always advisable to discuss courses with subject teachers for further information and advice about their specialisms.

Wherever you study sixth form courses have entrance criteria. It is important to look at these for each subject you are interested in so that you are forewarned about the grades you need to achieve at GCSE. Think about the details of the course and how it is assessed. If you consider this carefully, you are more likely to make an appropriate choice and enjoy the courses.

The Extended Project Qualification

All of our students also study the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in addition to their A Level or BTEC courses. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to complete a project on a topic of your choice (outside of the A level curriculum) and it is worth up to 28 UCAS points that can be used when applying to universities.

Sixth Form Enrolment Day happens on the same date in August that you receive your GCSE exam results. This is another important opportunity for you to receive information, advice and guidance on the best courses for you to study at key stage 5.

Sixth Form Curriculum Offer Booklet

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