Life in the sixth form

We are characterised by the City Heights DNA. This ‘DNA’ underpins all that we do.

It includes:

Outstanding learning

Excellent teaching and learning is the core to all that we do at City Heights. Put simply, ‘The main business is the main business’.

All can achieve

We are clear that there are no excuses for underachievement. We subscribe to a ‘growth mindset’  approach  and know that no barrier is too great to overcome. Put simply, ‘We don’t make excuses’.

High standards in all that we do

We have an unrelenting focus on meeting the highest standards in all that we do. From learning, to behaviour, attitude, uniform or attendance, we challenge anything that is less than the very best. Put simply we believe that at City Heights we are not prepared to lower our expectations of anybody.

We are all role models

Every student is a role model and all have the opportunity and responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of others. We show trust and respect at all times, regardless of whether they are earned. Put simply, we ‘walk the talk’ and model the high expectations that we expect of others.

Cultural Capital Programme

At City Heights E-ACT Academy Sixth Form we foster a culture of aspiration and high expectation for students across the academy. As young adults you will develop greater independence and responsibility; you will become role models and play an important part in supporting and encouraging our younger students. In turn, you will be supported by excellent teaching from a team of committed subject specialists alongside daily support from a dedicated personal tutor.

Although we will start small, there will be challenge across a curriculum that aims to appeal to students with a variety of higher education and career goals. Students will also benefit from careful guidance on university and career choices from the moment you start in sixth form.

Our Cultural Capital Programme will allow you to build your skills for the future and participate in enrichment clubs as well as other opportunities with our partnership school, Dulwich College. We will ensure that all of you realise your potential, achieving excellent outcomes and acquiring the wider skills and experiences that will prepare you to go on to universities and rewarding future careers.

At City Heights E-ACT Academy Sixth Form, you will take part in the wide range of extra opportunities available in our Cultural Capital Programme. Everyone is expected to take part in some kind of volunteering which will be certified by the iVolunteer organisation. This could range from mentoring younger students within the academy to helping out in local primary schools and charities.

As part of this programme you will have a residential visit at the beginning of Year 12, as well as an opportunity to go on an overseas trip during your time in the sixth form. In addition students will be encouraged to visit galleries, museums and theatres as well as attending lectures relevant to your career ambitions at some of London’s most recognised universities. We will also develop links with businesses and professionals in order to facilitate relevant work experience placements for you in Year 12.

Our Cultural Capital Programme also includes an exciting programme of enrichment activities on Wednesday afternoons.


Sixth formers can take part in film, photography, journalism or art projects.


The academy encourages sporting activities and our key stage 5 students are able to take part in football, tennis, table tennis, basketball or visit the gym on Wednesday afternoons.


City Heights is keen to build on a programme of volunteering started earlier in the academy and encourage volunteering in the wider community. Students can find voluntary weekly placements in local primary schools, nurseries and charity shops.

Mentoring, guiding and leading

As a sixth former you can also volunteer as reading, mathematics or playground mentors to the younger students. You can also represent the academy at events, run your own charitable events and take part as leaders on the School Council or as part of the Prefect Team.

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