In year admissions

Have you just moved to the area or want to change your child’s school? Here is the information you need to know for in-year admissions.  

In year applications

You can submit your application to our academy by contacting us directly. You can either call us or fill out the form below:

Phone: 020 3691 4600

Fill in the form: click here

When you apply for a school place, you must have parental responsibility for the child and submit evidence to show that you and your child live at the address you have stated on your application, even if you have been placed in temporary accommodation. You also have to provide evidence showing your child’s date of birth. Please note that you may be asked for further proof if applying under medical/social needs etc. You will be placed on the waiting list and places will be allocated as they become available and prioritised according to our over subscription criteria. 

The purpose of the Fair Access Protocol (FAP) is to ensure that, outside the normal admissions round, unplaced children who fall into the specified categories are offered a place quickly, so that the amount of time any child, especially the most vulnerable, who remains out of education is kept to a minimum. The FAP will only be used once the In-Year admissions process has been exhausted. 


Further Information 

If you want more information on how to apply for an In Year place please look at the link below for Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council Website: click here. 

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