How to apply

How do I apply to E-ACT City Heights Academy?

The application deadline for applying to a secondary school is 31 October 2023. Please contact our Academy if you have missed the deadline and we can advise on the next steps on how you can still apply for a place.


What happens if I’ve missed the application deadline?

You can still apply directly to the local council.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

Depending on when you apply, it will be after the first round of offers have been made and processed.

What if I had an exceptional circumstance as to why I could not apply on time?

You will need to contact the local council and they will let you know whether they can accept any supporting evidence and take it into consideration on the application being submitted late.

Need any support?

Please feel free to contact our admissions team should you require further guidance on how to apply.


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