Our curriculum intent for Maths is aimed at:

  • Encouraging students to recognise that mathematics is part of our everyday life and in the world around us
  • Engendering a love for Maths and encouraging critical thinking by allowing students to develop their thinking and reasoning power
  • Enabling students to articulate their misconceptions and ideas using correct mathematical language and notations

So that students can become logical thinkers and able problem solvers as individuals, prepared for further learning in mathematics or functionally numerate citizens.

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5 year overview


Year Group2019-2020 OverviewHome learning SpringLearning Packs MarchLearning Pack Easter
Year 7OverviewHome LearningIndependent LearningEaster Learning
Year 8OverviewHome LearningIndependent LearningEaster Learning
Year 9OverviewHome LearningIndependent LearningEaster Learning
Year 10OverviewHome LearningIndependent LearningSets 5 & 6 (Foundation)
Sets 1-4 (Higher)
Year 11OverviewHome LearningIndependent Learning


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