Our curriculum in Years 7-11

The vision of our curriculum is to instill a passion and discipline for learning; ensuring all students develop the knowledge, skills , characteristics and qualities that will enable them to access their chosen pathways and fulfil their aspirations. Ultimately, it’s to ensure that it supports our mission of developing tomorrow’s leaders, compassionate and articulate; ready for university or a career of their choice’.


Our curriculum is knowledge and content-rich, enabling pupils to explore deeply a range of subjects over a five year journey, where our aim is depth so students can achieve mastery in the subjects they study. We also seek to achieve a balanced curriculum by providing scope for breadth within a given subject, as well as ensuring the curriculum offers breadth in choice. The curriculum is organised with focus on knowledge being carefully sequenced to ambitious end points. We believe that subject-specific and cross-curricular skills are developed over time by a knowledge centred approach and intentional practise. Ultimately, our curriculum seeks to embed the basics and fundamentals in each subject, whilst providing scope for students to identify the links between knowledge taught across the curriculum that will enable students to flourish and achieve their chosen destinations at every stage.

Our curriculum intent is underpinned by these guiding principles

  • We believe that our curriculum should be knowledge-rich that respects subject disciplines and provides students with the essential knowledge and skills they need.
  • We believe that content choices and sequencing should be designed to ensure students learn knowledge long term and to build detailed and flexible schema in long term memory.
  • We believe that curriculum design should be question centred where knowledge and content choices are sequenced to enable students to answer over-arching fertile questions.
  • We believe that the curriculum should intentionally develop reading, writing and speaking skills that will enable all students to access curriculum content regardless of starting points.
  • We believe that our curriculum should ensure inclusion through effective scaffolding. This is supported by tailored pathways that ensure all students access the curriculum across KS3 and KS4.
  • We believe that the curriculum should serve as an opportunity to build social and cultural capital through finding opportunities within subject disciplines to extend and enrich learning.


The implementation of the curriculum at City Heights Academy is underpinned by these pedagogical principles:

  • We believe that the curriculum should develop memory and metacognition. Therefore, teachers require an understanding of cognitive load theory and deploying strategies that enable students to learn effectively. We want our students to effectively memorise and communicate knowledge learned, therefore we support this by providing knowledge maps and booklets so students can access foundation knowledge independently.
  • We believe that implementation is rooted in regular, rigorous and robust assessment Low stakes testing and other formative assessment methods drive our knowledge centred approach, which help ensure we build long term memory by chunking curriculum content via regular testing.
  • We believe in the importance of instruction, modelling and ratio crucial for effective learning to take place.
  • We believe that integral to effective implementation is having a consistent pedagogical approach on the sequencing of learning and delivery inside classrooms.
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    • City Heights Six classroom routines

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