Our curriculum in Y7-11

The curriculum at City Heights E-ACT Academy is rich and balanced. Academic excellence, high aspirations and creativity are the driving forces behind the structure of the curriculum.

In Year 7 a large amount of time is devoted to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. We believe that a strong grounding in these areas is essential to equip students for further study at Advanced and Degree level, and to support their development in other subjects.

We provide additional support for students who start at City Heights below age related expectations to allow them to quickly make progress and catch up with their peers. As a languages specialist school, all of our students study a modern language with the majority of students learning Spanish.

Our curriculum covers traditional academic subjects but also meets the needs of the modern world. We don’t see that there is a tension between the two. We focus on developing independence and an entrepreneurial attitude in all of our students. Students will be taught:

  • new ways of thinking: including creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making
  • new ways of working: including new forms of collaboration and communication
  • new tools for working: including the capacity to harness the potential of new technologies

We offer a demanding curriculum, encouraging students to engage with complex, academic ideas from day one. City Heights students are not passengers in lessons, seeing their role as to just passively commit to memory the information their teachers give them. Instead, students are constantly challenged to extend their thinking, and encouraged to develop their own passion for learning and enquiry.

Our students develop as creative, resilient learners, who see problems as puzzles to be solved and mistakes as opportunities to improve. We encourage confidence and creativity in lessons and our students increasingly self-direct their studies and take control of their own learning.

We want students to finish their time at City Heights E-ACT Academy with an excellent academic background, a good knowledge of the wider world around them and the skills needed to be successful in the wider world.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that our vision statement at City Heights ‘Developing tomorrow’s leaders, compassionate and articulate; ready for university or a career of their choice’ is realised for every student. Therefore the curriculum at City Heights contains the following:

Year 7 curriculum

SubjectNumber of weekly lessonsSubjectNumber of weekly lessons
English5Religious Education2
Maths5Modern Languages3
Geography2Creative & Performing Arts2

Years 8 & 9 curriculum

SubjectNumber of weekly lessonsSubjectNumber of weekly lessons
English5Religious Education1
Maths5Modern Languages3
Geography2Creative & Performing Arts2
History2Computer Science1

KS4 - GCSE curriculum

Compulsory subjectsSubject options
English Language & Literature (2 GCSEs)Art
MathsComputer Science
Science (2 GCSEs minimum)Dance (Y10 only)
Languages (Spanish, French or Portuguese GCSE)Design Technology (Resistant Materials)
PE (core non examined)Drama
Food Technology
Religious Studies (Y10 only)
Physical Education
Statistics (Y10 only)

We have thirty 55 minute lessons each week and the timetable includes double periods in some subjects.

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