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How we support our students

Pastoral Care

At our academy we believe that care and support is vital to allow our students to flourish, achieve and exceed in all they do.

Every student is a member of a tutor group within their year group. Form tutors monitor attendance, punctuality and behaviour on a daily basis and are the first layer of support and guidance, as a constant and reliable presence.

We welcome all students including those who have special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND) and offer excellent support to students with Education, Health and Care plans.

We also offer support to students who do not have a Education, Health and Care plan but who:

  • Need support in some of their lessons, especially with literacy and numeracy
  • Need support especially with emotional and /or behavioural difficulties which hinder learning
  • Are students whose first language is not English, and who need support in learning English
  • Are students who need extra help with their reading
  • Are students who need help to use written and spoken language more effectively
  • Are students who are identified with autism/aspergers
  • Are students who have medical conditions / disabilities
  • Are students who are looked after
  • Are students who need support in making the transition from primary to secondary education

Further information is available from the Children’s Society – Advice for young people from young people

Children’s Society Information

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