The Physical Education department at City Heights is a successful and dynamic subject area, consisting of six members of staff.

In PE we offer students opportunity to develop physically, mentally and socially through the many sports and opportunities we offer. Students are challenged and encouraged to take part in sports that are new to them or in activities they may initially find difficult. Through PE lessons and the many opportunities in sport here at City Heights students develop many personal qualities such as empathy, respect, and confidence.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in lots of extra curricular sports where they can be selected to represent the school competitively. City Heights compete across London and the UK in football, basketball, netball, basketball, handball, dance, wheelchair basketball, table tennis and athletics.

During PE lessons students take part in the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Fitness
  • Dance
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Softball
  • Rounders

At key stage 4 students will study either GCSE PE or BTEC Sport Level 2.


The GCSE PE course is an academic sporting course equivalent to one GCSE.  GCSE PE is assessed via a theory examination (60% of overall mark), analysis of performance (10% of overall mark), and practical performance (30% of overall mark).  For their practical performance, students are assessed in three different sports.   For the theoretical examination students will study seven units, in which they will learn about sports physiology, the benefits of sport, sports nutrition, contemporary sporting issues, sports psychology, data analysis and training and performance in sport.  For their coursework students will adopt the role of a sports analyst and conduct a critical review of an athlete’s performance and how it can be improved.   This course suits students who are dedicated to sport, playing competitively inside or outside of school and those that wish to continue the study of Physical Education at Key Stage 5.

BTEC Sport

Pupils will cover four units whilst completing the BTEC sport course. One unit is an externally assessed exam where pupils will be tested on “fitness for sport and exercise”. This exam is an online exam that will be taken at the end of year 10. Pupils will then complete three units which are assessed using coursework and practical activities. Pupils will have the opportunity to create leaflets, posters and booklets as part of their assignments alongside being assessed practically in coaching and a team and individual sport.

The Units are:

  1. Fitness for Sport and Exercise.
  2. Practical Sports Performance
  3. The Mind in Sports Performance
  4. Leading Sports Activities

This qualification is for pupils who have a passion for sport, a hardworking attitude and who prefer to work using coursework based assessments. The BTEC Level 2 Sport will lead to studying the Level 3 course which will be offered here at City Heights.

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