Music lessons at City Heights go way beyond simply listening to some core repertoire, or playing on classroom instruments.

We encourage students to think like musicians, develop their ability to listen and appreciate a wide variety of music. Students regularly work in groups on creative tasks, as well as developing the confidence as individual musicians.

All students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of concerts and performances throughout the school year.

There are opportunities to compose not just for voice, classroom instruments or their own instruments but with Music IT software, and to make use of the Department’s suite of MacBooks equipped with score writing and sequencing software.

Years 7-8

All students in Years 7-8 study Music as part of their core timetable.  Through a range of listening, composition, analysis and practical tasks, they explore their own musical understanding and challenge their preconceptions. Singing and instrumental music-making are encouraged as part of each topic. Students are also taught about the development of Music History and they explore music from all over the world. Students have the opportunity to take up private Music lessons on their chosen instrument.

Year 9

Students in Year 9 have the opportunity to study two subjects within the Creative Arts Faculty. If students choose Music as one of these, they will continue their development as musicians, exploring in depth studies of various Musical topics in preparation for GCSE.


The new AQA Music GCSE qualification will allow pupils to get the skills needed to compose, create and analyse music. With AQA’s  practical and analytical approach to music the pupils will be stretched and challenged thoroughly throughout the two academics years taken for this GCSE. With the new addition to music technology, it will open up a vast amount of knowledge, from electrical equipment to software and hardware programmes while being able to perform live with instruments.


The Pearson BTEC First Award in Music gives students the opportunity to explore the music industry and develop relevant musical skills that will enable them to further their careers in this area. The course is divided into 3 units. Core units include ‘The Music Industry’ and ‘Managing a Music Product’. The third unit will depend on the students studying the course; they will have a choice of Introducing Live Sound, Introducing Music Composition, Introducing Music Performance, Introducing  Music Recording, Introducing Music Sequencing.

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