The Drama curriculum is designed to empower young people, teaching them both through and about the art form with strong focus on building empathy alongside subject knowledge.

Over the course of KS3 students develop an understanding of a drama forms, conventions and styles. On the whole lessons follow the structure of rehearsing, performing and evaluating original devised pieces allowing students time to develop their ideas to their full creative extent.  Students study practically and theoretically practitioners and genres such as; Physical Theatre (particularly the work of Frantic Assembly), Commedia Dell’arte, August Boal and Konstantine Stanislavski.

Students study a range of diverse and engaging play texts, contemporary film, poetry and art are able to delve into issues both current and timeless. Through the exposure to these texts and other various stimuli student’s literacy and oracy skills are developed, increasing their confidence and learning across all subjects. Collaboration via group work and group discussion ensures the personal, social, spiritual and cultural development of all pupils as they learn to express their ideas and opinions whilst considering and responding to others. The negotiation and problem solving involved in group work of this practical nature is instrumental in enabling students to build upon their language and communication skills.

Drama’s provision of extra curricular opportunities promotes a whole host of transferable skills such as teamwork, organisation, communication and creativity. Nurturing these attributes in and outside of the classroom enables students to build upon their learning and develop themselves personally and professionally. The relationship the department shares with established Theatres such as The Unicorn and The Young Vic provides the students with regular opportunities to not only see live Theatre but perform themselves in professional spaces to public audiences.

At KS4 students will study GCSE Drama following the WJEC Eduqas exam board where they will build upon skills and techniques covered in KS3 whilst accumulating a host of new ones. The WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Drama offers a broad and coherent course of study, enabling students to:

  • Explore performance texts, understanding their social, cultural and historical context including the theatrical conventions of the period in which they were created
  • Apply knowledge and understanding when making, performing and responding to drama
  • Develop a range of theatrical skills and apply them to create performances
  • Work collaboratively to generate, develop and communicate ideas
  • Develop as creative, effective, independent and reflective learners able to make informed choices in process and performance
  • Contribute as an individual to a theatrical performance
  • Reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the roles and processes undertaken in contemporary professional theatre practice
  • Adopt safe working practices

The WJEC Eduqas GCSE in Drama is an exciting, inspiring and practical course; it provides opportunities to attend live theatre and to develop skills as informed and thoughtful audience members. Students will also develop themselves as performers and theatre makers, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of drama in both practical and written examination.

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