Subject Intent Statement Spanish 2020/2021

“ If you talk to a main in a language the understands that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”.

Nelson Mandela


The Spanish curriculum at City Heights seeks to ignite a curiosity and life-long love for Spanish language and the cultures where Spanish is spoken, either in Spain, South America or the EEUU.

Spanish learning since the outset from Y7 provides an insight into other countries and cultures thus wides our students´ intellectual horizons and cultural capital.

It is comprehensive but necessarily selective. The curriculum gives pupils a deep knowledge and rich understanding of the main topics covered by AQA board including Identity and culture themes; international and local area knowledge and Jobs and careers.

In Y7 and Y8 students will be learning topics where they can use their language skills to talk about what is more important about themselves in their everyday life. Family and friends, free time activities, social media, school issues and travel and tourism.

From Y9 students start to deepen their knowledge in broader issues where opinions and tenses can be used in a more complex and sophisticated fashion, using different subject pronouns and including more complex vocabulary. Some examples of it are: Spanish speaking country customs and traditions; environmental issues; healthy living, education post 16 and social issues in urban contexts.

We have ordered these topics thematically and progressively in order of importance because we believe students need to be absolutely confident in talking and writing about themselves before moving to more general themes where opinions can be expressed in a more holistic manner.

Although the skills of production (writing and speaking) are given a strong focus from Y7 in order to increase students’ confidence and understanding and when using the Target Language teachers will often only speak Spanish.  Furthermore, students in Spanish are challenged by authentic material which not only develops literacy skills but also strengthens our pupils´ resilience and problem solving.

In terms of Substantive knowledge perhaps most importantly Spanish learning at City Heights aims to broaden our students understanding of their place within the world and being able to master the crucial language structures needed to communicate effectively in the three main tenses (past, present and future) and being able to express their opinions fluently and accurately about a wide range of diverse topics. For that reason we have included in our curriculum writing and speaking frames featuring the key language structures so students can use them adapting them to the topics they come across with in the main assessments.

Finally, we are aiming in Spanish to increase the fluency and accuracy, communicating in real situations and conveying the passion of keep learning Spanish beyond GCSE throughout Post 16 education and continuing immersing themselves in acquiring Spanish in their adult lives.

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