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The Sociology curriculum seeks to give students a deep substantive knowledge base of sociological theory as well as providing them with a disciplinary knowledge base of the key tenets and critiques of sociological research.  

In the Year 9 elective, a trial course for those who may wish to study Sociology at GCSE, students consider a selection of key experiments and debates within Sociology themed around the topic of social order and social control – including the Stanford Prison Experiment and the ‘Broken Windows’ theory. Students then complete the elective by devising, conducting and evaluating their own ethical experiment which examines the concepts of social order and social control. This topic has been selected so that students gain experience of the type of thinking used in (and gain a useful body of disciplinary and substantive knowledge in) Sociology and sociological research before beginning study at GCSE. Further, it is hoped that the study will contribute to students cross-curricular understanding of Science (through the examination of research) and English (through the thematic view of social control). 

 In Years 10 and 11, students who have selected to continue studying Sociology work through GCSE content as required by the AQA specification. The content choices are governed by the specification but we have sequenced them progressively (students begin with an overview of sociological theory before covering the GCSE topics) and with careful thought for embedding the disciplinary knowledge through interleaving (research methods are returned to several times through the 2-year course rather than being taught as one block). 

Throughout the curriculum, students are also explicitly taught the disciplinary knowledge required to become an articulate scholar within the field of Religious Studies. We have identified three disciplinary skills which are returned to regularly and are made explicit in our teaching and have been included in our knowledge booklets. These are (i) interpretation of secondary source material (ii) evaluative writing, (iii) evaluation of different research methods and (iii) the application of theorists to topics. Further, key themes are regularly returned to through the course and made explicit. These themes are (isocial order and social control, (ii) social change, (iii) conflict and consensus and (iv) exploitation. 

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