Subject Curriculum Intent – Sociology


The premise of GCSE Sociology is to develop the students ‘sociological imagination’ and for them to understand the social world and our behaviour in it so that they will be able to have a rich understanding of the context of their lives, communities and their futures. The course is designed to create life long learners by challenging student thinking and developing their understanding about how social processes and structures in society work and how societies influence us and shape our lives. We hope that with this knowledge our students will feel empowered and determined to overcome societal barriers and to become the people they aspire to be.  

The course follows the AQA syllabus with students studying the core topics of Education, Families, Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification which are underpinned by key theoretical perspectives and research methods, exploring issues such as inequality, the distribution and use of power and experiences of different social groups in society. Throughout the specification students are expected to be able to critically evaluate different methods of sociological research/data which requires students think like and act like a ‘sociologist’. This skill is transferable to Geography and Science where students are required to do complete research.

The course is designed to be challenging but also contemporary, topical and relevant using documentaries and the news to make links with the theoretical content of the course. Students are encouraged to develop their opinions along with their evaluative and critical skills. The course is a good foundation to lead onto studying A Level Sociology but also compliments other A-Level choices that students may make, such as Geography, Science or English.

 The content is sequenced progressively (students begin with an overview of sociological theory) and with careful thought for embedding the disciplinary knowledge through interleaving (research methods are returned to several times through the 2-year course rather than being taught as one block). Throughout the curriculum, students are also explicitly taught the disciplinary knowledge required to become an articulate scholar within the field of Sociology. We have identified three disciplinary skills which are returned to regularly and are made explicit in our teaching and have been included in our knowledge booklets. These are (i) interpretation of secondary source material (ii) evaluative writing, (iii) evaluation of different research methods and (iii) the application of theorists to topics. Further, key themes are regularly returned to through the course and made explicit. These themes are (i) social order and social control, (ii) social change, (iii) conflict and consensus and (iv) exploitation.

It is hoped that the study will contribute to students cross-curricular understanding of Science (through the examination of research), English (through the thematic view of social control) and Geography (through the examination of research and also the impact of feminism in different parts of the world).

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