PE Intent statement

The PE curriculum seeks to give students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities so that they gain a deep knowledge and broad overview of these activities with the overall aim to encourage students to foster a lifelong love for being physically active. Students should leave the academy with a strong knowledge of the importance of being physically active and will continue to participate in regular physical activities throughout their life after City Heights.

When selecting appropriate sports for the curriculum, we have included a range of team sports e.g. Basketball and Handball which help to develop students’ teamwork, communication skills, interpersonal relationships and leadership skills; skills which are transferable into many other curriculum subjects. There are also a number of transferable skills across the sports delivered e.g. passing skills in Basketball, Handball and Netball. Delivery of sports with similar skill sets helps to further support students with mastery of these skills. We have also included individual sports e.g. Table Tennis and Badminton which will develop students’ independence and growth mindset. Lastly we have also included recreational sports e.g. Fitness and Step Aerobics to show that participation in physical activity doesn’t have to be competitive – these non-competitive activities are often those which many continue on into adulthood. As well as students taking part in lessons during curriculum time, we give students opportunities to compete outside of school in competitive fixtures and competitions in the wider community.

By ensuring that we are developing students’ wider skill sets e.g. communication and independence; we are supporting students to help achieve their aspirations, as these wider personal skills are imperative to allow students to be able to be confident in their abilities and be able to progress in their chosen career. We also promote careers in our KS4 exam-based curriculum, where students are taught about a range of careers in sport.

In KS3 CORE PE, students will participate in six sports across the academic year. We deliver sports which are seasonal as this gives students the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge and understanding by representing the academy in sports fixtures outside of school hours.

Our students in Yr7 have the opportunity to have joint PE lessons with our partner school Dulwich College using their world class facilities. This provision is important to us to develop students social and cultural capital. In the Autumn term, students will complete joint lessons with Dulwich College in Rugby and Swimming which were selected as activities which broaden students’ exposure to a wider range of sports which they may not have been able to access previously. The focus of the Yr7 curriculum is mastery of skills, where the aim is for students to master each individual skill required for each sport; ensuring they have a good foundation of knowledge to take them into Yr8.  Across the Autumn and Spring Term, students will also participate in the following sporting activities: ‘Invasion Games’ where they will cover Netball/Basketball and Handball skills combined; Gymnastics to develop their core stability and co-ordination skills; Badminton as an individual activity and Fitness where students will complete an induction into the Fitness Suite. In the Summer Term, students will study Athletics and a striking and fielding activity; Cricket or Softball/Rounders

The focus of the Yr8 curriculum is for students to then apply the skills mastered in Yr7 into a competitive game situation. They will also learn and apply the rules of the game into full match situations. Students will cover the following activities in the Autumn/Spring Term – Handball, Fitness, Badminton and Netball/Basketball. In the Summer Term, they will also study Athletics and Cricket, Softball or Rounders. When students reach Yr9, the focus is for them to apply a range of tactical strategies into a competitive game situation to help them to successfully outwit their opponent/s. They will study the same sports as they studied in Year 8, building on the knowledge learnt in the previous school year.

The focus of the Yr10 and 11 curriculum is promoting participation and ensuring that students understand the importance of and enjoy taking part in physical activity on a regular basis. This links to our aim of ensuring all students can find a sporting activity they enjoy and that they will continue to pursue for enjoyment once they have left City Heights. In year 10 and 11 CORE PE, students will also participate in six sports across the academic year from the following activities: Trampolining, Football, Fitness, Volleyball, Step Aerobics*, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Rounders. All students will participate in Athletics in Summer 1 to prepare for our whole school Sports Day.

In Year 10 and 11, students who have selected to continue studying PE through GCSE PE content covering the AQA specification. Students learn first about anatomy and physiology as this provides cross curricular links with the Science curriculum where this content is also delivered in Yr10 and then move on to learning about physical training as this contains key knowledge they need to know when completing their analysing and evaluating performance coursework at the end of Yr10. Biomechanics is then delivered in Yr11 as it is a more advanced topic and students need to have a good prior understanding of anatomy and physiology to be successful in this topic. For their practical assessment, students will be assessed in one team sport, one individual sport and a third sport based on their personal strengths as a performer.

In Year 10 and 11, students who have selected to continue studying PE work through BTEC Sport content following the Pearson specification. We chose for students to complete ‘Leading Sports Activities’ as the optional unit as it gives students the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge they have learnt and give them opportunities to develop their leadership skills in their local community as well as the personal skills such as confidence, communication skills and independence which they will need to help them continue to be successful after they leave City Heights in the future education and careers. We start to deliver Unit 2 Practical Sport first as this includes important knowledge such as the components of fitness. Students will then cover the Unit 1 exam, which includes knowledge they have already learnt in the Unit 2 module.

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