GCSE Media Studies Curriculum Intent


The Media Studies department is a new, creative and exciting GCSE course at City Heights Academy. Media is a subject that, by its very nature, encourages collaboration, free thinking and an analytical view of society.

Our aim at City Heights is to empower students with life-long critical thinking skills and this is at the heart of the GCSE Media Studies curriculum.

Success in Media Studies is having the ability to critically analyse and deconstruct a range of different media forms, including newspapers, television, films, music videos and online media. Our students learn how to apply the theoretical framework (media language, audiences, media industries and representation) and use subject specific terminology to evaluate the impact of the choices that the producers of media make. They develop an excellent and rich understanding of how social, political and historical contexts influence the construction of media products as well as how stereotypes are used to communicate messages and values.

City Heights’ students learn about the power of media institutions and the ways in which they shape and control the media. They explore and evaluate the impact that media has on audiences and the different ways that people may react to texts, based on their own backgrounds. Within Media, students develop their communication skills through extended writing where they analyse and compare media products, making informed arguments and drawing substantiated conclusions about a range of media issues.

Finally, students will construct their own media products and as a result will develop as independent learners; moreover, learners will overcome barriers through determination, organisation and hard work. Students will then apply their knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework successfully.

Summary Overview

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