Curriculum intent – Mathematics

At City Heights we believe that students should develop a love for learning and enjoy the learning process for life. The mathematics department believe that for our students to thrive and prosper, they must experience a robust and rigorous curriculum which inspires and empowers. We believe a knowledge rich curriculum paired powerfully with a rigorous approach to skills acquisition enables our students to develop life-long skills which will help them successfully navigate the path to becoming the people they aspire to be.

Our main intent is to ensure mathematical competency and proficiency of skills necessary for our pupils to thrive as citizens of our society. We believe that logical thinking and the problem solving are essential tools for future success and Mathematics is still the benchmark subject to develop these skills. In addition, a good grade in Mathematics provides a route into higher education and is a gateway to success in more advanced subject ranging from the Sciences, Accounting and Finance, Business and Economics and Computing.

Our curriculum is shaped by six underlying principles:

  • Success for all
  • Deepening understanding
  • Problem-Solving
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Mathematical Language
  • Multiple Representations

Our curriculum is designed to ensure success for all by structuring pupils’ exposure to new content so that basic skills are mastered and powerful knowledge acquired. This process is repeated for each topic and teachers explicitly narrate were skills and knowledge crossover. Our vision for learning and teaching is that all students will experience a high quality, enriching curriculum every day, in every lesson, in every classroom.

We have chosen to base our KS3 SOL on a Mastery approach as enables a firm foundation for when pupils transition to our KS4 Pearsons Edexcel 9-1 SOL. Mathematics Mastery provides a national approach which we continually adapt so that the needs of our pupils are met. At KS4 we have use Pearson Edexcel SOL to ensure coverage of all GCSE topics and development of problem-solving approaches that will lead to success in final examinations.

We believe in the importance of deep understanding. We do not subscribe to the idea that equates progress with knowing procedures and rules as this leads to many pupils to lose the depth of understanding we desire. Our curriculum map is sequenced with fewer topics to provide the opportunity for depth over breadth of content. We sequence concepts and methods so that previously mathematical ideas bridge new learning, supporting pupils in developing a coherent understanding of the connected nature of Mathematics.

In designing our curriculum, we have identified the key levers to drive forward exceptional progress for the students in our care. We have also identified shared language which needs to be embedding with all pupils so that all possess the oracy and literacy needed to decode formal examination language. This critical information is encapsulated in our long-term and medium-term plans and embedding in every aspect of our teaching and learning. In the mathematics department we believe mathematical intelligence is cultivated over time, hence we carefully approach the knowledge accumulation process. Systematically imparting and expanding on knowledge over time is a fundamental pillar in the delivery of our curriculum. Using multiple representation, the CPA approach, in conjunction with a wide range of mathematical approaches and models we attempt to ensure the appropriate learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.

Our curriculum map aligns with the Aims and Subject Content of the KS3 and GCSE National Curriculum below. Outside of the classroom there are many opportunities for students to further develop their curiosity about Maths and apply their mathematical skills. Each year many of our thriving students take part in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior UKMT Mathematics Challenges. We are always delighted by how well they perform and often have students who qualify for the prestigious national rounds. On offer to our Years 7 and 8 students are the UKMT Junior Team Challenge and Numeracy Ninja competition. We work with a wide range of external providers to offer our students the opportunity to experience mathematics beyond the classroom. Partnership with Dulwich College, Collet Mentoring, Action Tutoring have proved successful and the opportunity for our most able Year 9 and Year 10 students to apply and attend termly Master Classes run by the Royal Institute of Mathematics and Kings College Mathematics School have enriched the mathematical experience of our pupils.

Integral to the pedagogy is the use of resources/technologies and partnership which not only enrich our offering but also aid our pupils to close the gap, develop upon prior knowledge and independently rectify misconceptions. Resources such Hegarty Maths enable us to monitor student progress, effort, areas of development as well as providing our pupils the opportunity to develop independent mathematical logic, reasoning, and resilience.


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