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The English Curriculum at City Heights aspires to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of some of the key literary movements, while also guiding them towards a love of reading and writing.  Students embark on a 5 year journey which allows them to remember more, write accurately and foster a lifelong enjoyment of reading; a key determiner for future academic success in all subjects.  

There are three key elements to the Key Stage Three curriculum: Literary Heritage, Mastering Writing and Reading for Pleasure all of which link directly with the GCSE content covered in Key Stage 4.  The Literary Heritage content is centred around three key periods: The Victorian era, Modern poetry and prose, and Shakespearean texts, thereby addressing a range of time periods and genres.   Reading for Pleasure texts foster a love of reading modern texts and encourages students to make links between timeless themes explored by writers.  The curriculum is carefully sequenced to ensure that knowledge is cumulatively acquired by spirally returning to knowledge previously covered and building upon that knowledge to ensure that full comprehension is achieved by the students and supporting independent learning through memory and metacognition strategies. 

In years 7-9, each term of school follows the same format. We begin the year by studying the Victorian novel: Year 7 read Oliver Twist, Year 8 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Jane Eyre in Year 9.  The texts shared similar contexts and themes (orphaned children, poverty, injustice and crime) and knowledge of Victorian England deepens as students progress through the years.  In the Spring Term all students study a full length Shakespeare play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Year 7, The Tempest in Year 8 and Romeo & Juliet in Year 9.  Similarly, the context and themes link together and by the Year 9 students are confident approaching and analysing how Shakespeare presents themes of power and corruption in Macbeth.  In the Summer Term all students study either a modern text or poetry. This sequencing allows our students to experience the breadth of literary heritage every year, allowing them to gain an in depth understanding of the characters, contexts and plots and how literary themes transcend cultures and periods of time. 

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