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Business and Enterprise

In Business studies we offer both the GCSE course as well and the Vocational BTEC course in Enterprise as a two year programme from year 10-11. The GCSE course is divided into two themes. In Year 10 students will study the first theme which majors on entrepreneurial aspects of small businesses. Students investigate enterprise and entrepreneurship, how to spot business opportunities and putting business ideas together. They also explore the effectiveness and feasibility of their business ideas and the impact of external influences on a business. This content is considered the ‘basics’ of business and allows them to see that the business world is changing and it is no longer necessary to wait until you are considered old enough or have vast sums of capital investment to start a business. By providing students with a grounding in how businesses operate it allows them to see the progression that functioning businesses undertake to Theme 2 which focuses on how to build and grow a business. Students investigate how to make marketing, product, financial and human resource decisions in a growing business. The importance shifts from a fledgling business to one that is growing and the considerations that become more imperative as size and scope changes.  

The BTEC course is divided into three components. In Year 10, students complete an exploratory investigation into businesses run locally, completing coursework where they are able to build on their knowledge on the characteristics needed to start and run a small business. Within this, students will analyse the choices of business ownership, the type of product sold by the business whilst investigating both the internal and external factors a business may face and need to strategically overcome to meet the objective of survival. Students will then move on to exam content which focuses on the marketing and financial demands on a business. The final synoptic unit is completed in Year 11. This component focuses on students using their acquired business acumen to plan for and build a business. In this element, students must use their understanding, analysis and evaluative interpretation from earlier components to design, produce and justify a final business plan. 

Substantive content is taught throughout the curriculum as it is important to understand that business is not just based on drive and determination but also the theoretical knowledge behind tried and tested methods. Alongside this, to ensure the acquisition of transferable positive work ethics, the ability to work collaboratively and to start the journey in becoming a critical entrepreneur, disciplinary skills of analysis, contextual understanding and evaluation are taught and practised throughout. 

Students find the curriculum intriguing as they feel it is the first experience of tangible success they can achieve in the business world. We foster this through encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and harnessing their passion for the subject which will ultimately create the new generation of business pioneers-confident and equipped to take on the world they inherit and then surpass expectations. 

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