The Art curriculum aims to develop students’ visual language in order for them to express themselves effectively and communicate ideas through creative means. 

In Year 7, students will learn the Fine Art skills which underpin the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to explore art and to make progress in the subject. Students will discover the fundamentals of Fine Art. Learning about the Formal Elements such as Line, Tone, Shape, Form and  Colour. Students will develop appropriate research skills and learn how to value and judge constructively their own work and the work of others.  

In Year 8, students will continue to explore the fundamentals of Fine Art. Students will expand their knowledge of art and design by developing a commercial awareness and an understanding of what a design company needs to do to be profitable, be successful, and serve its customers well. Students will be able to respond to a situation or a design brief and design and create their own Soft Toy product.  

In Year 9, students will develop their understanding of the three-dimensional world through investigating crafts such a Ceramics and applied arts such as Pop Art. Students will apply their fundamental artistic skills and understanding to a sustainable development of an idea.  

Throughout the curriculum students will be given the opportunity to experience working in a wide variety of 2D materials such as pencils and paints and 3D media and materials such as clay and cardboard.  There will be opportunities for writing and reading in the form of artist analysis. Great emphasis is placed on sketchbook use to present development and organise visual information. To develop knowledge and understanding of reviewing, adapting and refining their work, sketchbooks will be used to encourage students to feel a sense of ownership of their work, and to provide opportunities for extended research, homework and development of presentation skills.  

Students will study Art through GCSE Art and Design content covering the AQA specification. Students will investigate and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to expand their skill set, such as drawing, printing, painting, and photography. Students will develop their analytical skills and critical understanding of other artists’ work. All students in Year 10 have the opportunity to visit a gallery and all students in Year 11 will complete an artist workshop. The GCSE curriculum encourages creative curiosity, independent learning and develops critical and analytical individuals.

When considering the curriculum content, we want to ensure that students learn about the work of a range of artists, designers and craftspeople and work within a range of contexts.  Students will explore and investigate the art in non-European and European traditions and study a variety of cultural traditions from around the world.  The Formal Elements of Art fundamentals of art is revisited each year in art, with a focus on Tones, Shape and Form and Colour. We have considered this carefully as students need to have mastery of these fundamental skills and develop the capacity for creative thought and action; the ability to innovate, initiate and make effective personal responses needed in GCSE Art and beyond. So that students have a deeper understanding of artistic techniques and styles to equip them with the toolkit and knowledge to carve out a creative career within their desired industries. 

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