Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum Principles ensure that our curriculum strives to:

  • Both support and challenge our students
  • Ensure our students make progress and achieve the best outcomes
  • Develop fluency in subject areas
  • Enrich our students’ understanding of their subjects and the wider world
  • Inspire them to become tomorrow’s leaders


City Heights Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent is to cultivate a learning community that nurtures independent learners, fosters meaningful relationships and ignites a love of learning.

The City Heights curriculum has high expectations at its core that consistently promotes and produces successful learners and leaders equipped for the ever-changing world around them with critical thinking skills and the curiosity to adapt to all situations.

The breadth and diversity of our curriculum ensures our students are stretched and challenged to link real life concepts to the subjects they study, which motivates them to achieve their academic potential while supporting them on their journeys into further education and their desired career paths.

Through this approach we aim to prepare our students to thrive in an ever-changing world and to become compassionate, engaged and aspirational members of society developing into tomorrow’s leaders.

“We seek through relentless hard work that all staff and students at City Heights arrive and leave with a smile on their faces, knowing each day they are achieving great things.”



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