Meet our Headteacher

I would like to welcome you to City Heights E-ACT Academy and introduce myself as the Headteacher.  Our academy is driven by a clear set of values and beliefs, which is supported by a clearly defined mission that aims to develop our students into tomorrow’s leaders, compassionate and articulate; ready for university or a career of their choice. Our mission is ambitious and will require considerable effort from the entire community to turn this into a reality for all students that pass through the doors at City Heights. Our aim for every student who joins our community is that they are safe, happy and successful.

The duration of my educational career has been spent working in transition inner-city London schools, and consequently I fully appreciate the work that is required at City Heights to ensure that our academy is a beacon in our community. Having spent four successful years working in Elephant and Castle has meant that I have developed a strong bond with the communities of South London and look forward to continuing this work and to deliver further successes at City Heights.

Our academy reflects a distinct culture whereby character is at the core of everything we do and aim to achieve. Our culture is supported by a clear vision for teaching and learning at City Heights, which encapsulates how I intend to ensure all our students achieve the successes they very much deserve. For this to occur our classrooms will always aim to instill a passion and discipline for learning, ensuring all students develop the knowledge, skills and characteristics that will enable them to reach their chosen destinations and fulfil their aspirations.

The hard work that our staff and students will do inside and outside of the classroom is what is required each day, every day. Ultimately, I seek to ensure through relentless hard work that all staff and students at City Heights arrive and leave with a smile on their faces, knowing each and every day they are achieving great things.

Morgan Haines


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